Important Information

Terms and Conditions

We strongly advise you to read our terms and conditions carefully before booking
as this will form our contract and will be strictly adhered to.

Health & Safety
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure time to ensure that your Skipper has adequate time to carry out a full safety briefing.  Your cruise cannot begin without the briefing and all passengers must agree to adhere to the instructions at all times whilst onboard. 

Whilst boating is relatively safe there is always an element of danger and it is important that all passengers give their full attention to the briefing and follow the advice of the Skipper.  Buoyancy aids will be provided, fitted and full instructions given on their usage during our safety briefing.  Broadland Charters would advise that you wear them at all times, especially when moving around the boat on deck, embarking and disembarking, however, we do not take responsibility if you choose not to wear them and an incident occurs.  No claims can be made against Broadland Charters for any accidents or injuries which have been caused by misadventure outside of the safety guidance issued.  

Moving around the cockpit and interior of the boat is safe but walking along the side decks, bathing platform or bow does pose some risk.  This should only be done with the approval of the Skipper who will give additional safety instructions and will be entirely at your own risk - we would also advise to do so once fitted with a buoyancy aid.  

Broadland Charters are fully licensed and insured to carry eight passengers and two crew.  The necessary safety equipment is also provided and checked regularly.

Children are more than welcome onboard the boat but must be accompanied by one responsible adult per child and must remain under constant supervision for the duration of the cruise. 

Please do not wear high heels (particularly stilettos) which can damage the decks - we ask that all passengers wear soft, flat shoes (preferably not flip flops). 

Alcohol & Behaviour
Alcohol can compliment your cruise and we certainly wouldn't want to spoil anyone's enjoyment of the experience, however, the river and excessive alcohol consumption can be extremely dangerous.  If any passenger is intoxicated, behaving irresponsibly, inappropriately, abusively or violently (even without alcohol) the Skipper reserves the right to terminate the cruise and either return to the mooring base or the nearest available mooring.  Returning to your vehicle or starting point will be your own responsibility and at your own expense. 

We will not tolerate antisocial behaviour to our crew, other river users or the general public at mooring locations.  We ask that all passengers respect the surroundings, do not litter or make excess noise (especially late at night and when we are returning to our mooring).  Please respect our neighbours. 

The Skipper's decision on excessive alcohol and behaviour is final. 

Smoking Policy
For the comfort and safety of passengers and crew we operate a strict no-smoking policy.  We can, of course, make regular "smoking stops" if necessary but only where possible (and safe) on the cruise route - the Skipper's decision is final.  Please discuss this with our Crew in advance (preferably at the time of booking) so we can plan the best route for your cruise.  Any stoppage time will be included in the duration of your cruise.

Cleanliness, Damages, Spillages & Accidents
Whilst we appreciate that accidents and illness do happen we would ask that you respect the boat at all times.  This includes not littering, putting feet on any of our seating, blocking the onboard toilet etc or not reporting any spillages or damage.   

If any passengers are taken ill during the cruise we will immediately return to our mooring base as quickly as possible.  Any sickness as the result of excessive alcohol will result in the immediate termination of your cruise and no refund will be given.  We reserve the right to charge an additional cleaning fee or to recover any of our costs should any guest not respect our property. 

Cruise Duration
Please ensure that you arrive in good time for the cruise.  You should be ready to embark 15 minutes earlier than the planned departure time to give the Skipper and Crew ample time for a full safety briefing and explain about the boat without losing any of your booked cruising time.  Any late arrival will not result in an extended cruise and no refund will be given.  The cruise will end at the agreed time and any additional time incurred due to failure to return on time during any planned stops etc will be chargeable.

Cruise Route
The route of our cruise will be chosen by the Skipper.  This decision will be based on a variety of reasons such as navigational issues and weather.  If you have a preferred route that you would like to cruise please let us know in advance of our departure (preferably at the time of booking) and we will do our best to accommodate, but cannot guarantee, your preferences.

Booking & Payment
We will hold your initial booking for a maximum of 48 hours before full payment is due.  Once payment has been received we will confirm in writing, by email within 24 hours, full details of your cruise, including start and finish times and any additional extras that you have chosen.  Our confirmation will include an invoice for the full amount which should be paid within 24 hours.  Once we are in receipt of the full amount we shall again confirm in writing, by email, final details of your cruise along with a receipt for your records.  Please note that if payment is not received within 24 hours your provisional booking will be cancelled and the date released.  

Payment can be received by bank transfer, debit or credit card or cheque (please allow sufficient time for funds to clear) or debit/credit card.  

Please note that a booking is only confirmed by us when we have sent you written confirmation of your booking (usually by email) and are in receipt of cleared funds for the total cost of your cruise.

Unfortunately, any booking cancelled by you will result in the loss of full payment unless transferred to another mutually convenient time.  Broadland Charters reserves the right to refuse the transfer of any booking. 

In the unlikely event of cancellation by Broadland Charters due to weather restrictions, ill health of Skipper or Crew, mechanical issues with the boat or any other event we will notify you immediately and fully refund the balance paid or transfer your booking to another mutually convenient time.